Jess Stroh

Jess Stroh

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Jess grew up in North Dakota and has moved around quite a bit, mainly with a desire to learn, explore and see new places. She has always shown a focus in working in a place where she can learn something new, but help people at the same time. She has had the opportunity to learn in a handful of different environments from big corporate structures, down to small and locally owned businesses. One thing that has always remained the same is her drive to continue learning new skills, and build on her current skillset. She continuously gravitates towards managing the back offices of small businesses where she can have an impact, use her skillset, and learn from people that she knows truly care about their customers.She has found herself starting in small roles working closely with the owner of a business, and quickly becoming their right hand person, mainly due to her strong work ethic and ability to use logical thinking to efficiently solve problems. This also has led her to discovering that her true passion lies not only with helping to solve problems, but also having a flexible work schedule to promote a healthy work-life balance for her. When she isn’t working with ChatterBoss, she is helping clients through her own small business, Strohsight, as a virtual assistant, and working virtually with a construction company managing their bookkeeping and several operational tasks. In her limited free time she enjoys yoga, traveling, and cooking. Jess currently resides in Columbus, OH with her boyfriend and little dog.


  • Bill Management (Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable)
  • Payroll
  • Quickbooks Online Management
  • Quickbooks Desktop Management
  • Receipt and purchasing management


  • Data Entry
  • Spreadsheet creation and analysis
  • Digital File Organization
  • Managing Travel
  • Keeping track of special days and gift buying

Other Skills:

  • Email Marketing
  • Research
  • Light Graphic Design (Canva)
  • Presentation Creation
  • Customer Relationship Management

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