Do you know the secret to a truly productive morning? Setting yourself up for success the night before.

That’s right! We recommend creating an end-of-day routine that maximizes your productivity and makes your tomorrow better. By creating an evening routine, sets boundaries between working and non-working hours and helps you become more efficient with your time when you’re working, instead of getting distracted. Boundaries are essential, especially if you’re working from home where so often those lines get blurred.

Here are our 7 tips to help you make your evenings more productive:

  1. Review your schedule for the next day, make sure to schedule breaks;
  2. Write a preliminary to-do list;
  3. Schedule one email to go out tomorrow;
  4. Clean up your desk or work area;
  5. Tidy up your desktop;
  6. Finish your water;
  7. Set a time to completely unplug.

By creating an evening routine, you’ll be more refreshed and ready to take on the following day. Your mornings will be less frantic and you’ll feel less frazzled by the end of the day. Evening routines also help safeguard against burnout.

Do you have an end-of-day routine? If you’re not sure where to start, book a complimentary call and we’d be happy to step in to help.

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