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Here's what our clients have to say

"With ChatterBoss you're getting two dedicated assistants so it's like you immediately have your own team! You can trust your assistants to handle the high-level work, which as an entrepreneur might get you bogged down and keep you from focusing on your unique ability. If you're an overwhelmed entrepreneur, then you need to optimize, automate, and particularly outsource more in your business - and ChatterBoss is the right partner to support you. "

Ari Meisel

Ted Speaker, Author, Founder of Less Doing

"My assistant, Megan, handles everything from prepping my newsletter, sending out invoices, designing social media posts, and even finding local activities for my four kids. But, here's the important part: my assistant is not just an order taker - she is a thought partner who presents new ideas and even challenges some of my bad ones."

Terry rice

Business Consultant, Writer for Entrepreneur Magazine

"ChatterBoss is a way to get virtual assistant support without the bottlenecks, because it is not just one person working on your business. My team has a back-up and additional client success support - that has really attracted me to this model. With ChatterBoss, your virtual assistants are dedicated to what they're doing because it is their profession and passion!"

Tonya Fewell

Business Coach