So you’ve decided to take the plunge and start saving time, money, and the headache by hiring a remote assistant. We provide dedicated and on-demand remote executive assistants for entrepreneurs. 

Follow these three quick and easy steps to get started.

1). Head to our website. Type in into your Google search bar or click here.

2). Click “Schedule a Consultation” to book a call with our client success team - don’t worry, it is completely free!

3). Chat with our team. On the day of your meeting, we’ll talk with you about your business via video call and get you started with a custom plan that will help you reach your business goals.

After that, you're just a few steps away from getting started with your new assistant. We’ll hand-pick an assistant for you based on your unique needs and work style, then the assistant will book an onboarding session with you to get you started!

Don’t wait until you’re overwhelmed to get help. With flexible billing and customized levels of service, we’re ready to help you start offloading tasks ASAP. Head to our site and book your first call today.

Do you have questions about what it’s like getting started with an assistant? Feel free to reach out via email. We are here to help.

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