People make the argument that computer screens are impersonal. That nothing can beat the atmosphere of an office. While actual, in-person human interaction is important, just because a team is remote doesn't mean it's not a real team!⠀

At ChatterBoss, we know it is possible to prioritize connection and camaraderie--even through remote work. 

Whether it's always being able to reach out to each other for help with our day-to-day tasks or sharing pictures of our pets. It’s a connection we aim to cultivate with our clients too. Your executive assistant is a member of your team, just like any other employee that you might hire.

We remember our client's birthdays and our client/assistant pairings usually last for years, not months or weeks. Some of our clients have even described their fractional executive assistants as "mini COOs" of their business! 

Since our business has always been remote, these are 3 ways we’ve found to make remote employees feel more connected.

1. Celebrate special events with your team: mail them a birthday card with a written note, send a gift card to a hot new restaurant for an accomplishment or new milestone, or send flowers for their work anniversary.

2. Plan a yearly company retreat: this allows all of your remote workers to get together and share ideas, work on projects together, and get to know each other on a personal level.

3. Hold weekly video meetings: regular video meetings will allow remote workers to get face time and help them form better bonds with their co-workers, make sure to leave time before or after the meeting for non-work-related conversations.

As more businesses go remote, ChatterBoss has 6 years of experience making sure virtual relationships are REAL relationships.

So what are you waiting for? Add a new member to your team who will always be in your corner. Book a complimentary call and we’d be happy to discuss your needs.

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