Running a startup requires a lot of time, resources, and dedication. With the odds of a startup being a success at only 10%, and the other 90% failing within in the first year, you really can’t afford to be wasteful at any stage of a startup lifecycle.

In order to make your startup a success and get it off the ground, you need to spend your time being productive and efficient, not busy and stuck in the weeds. Easier said than done.

One of the biggest secrets to being a productive individual is to avoid trying to do everything your self, and instead rely on the resources around you. Extreme multitasking leads to burnout, which can ultimately result in a startups failure to launch.

Image Source: The Startup Garage

Another barrier to startup success is money. While you can’t be expected to do everything your self, overhead costs for employees, and workspace, add up quickly. This raises the need for you to focus on finding agile team members that can help support multiple arms of the startup vs. singular roles & responsibilities you’d find at larger companies.

So you’ve found the core group to help you with your growth ambitions — but your still busy, and not being the productive and efficient person you set out to be. Now what?

Meet ChatterBoss. A team of highly experienced and professional virtual assistants that can help you manage tasks of nearly any size. Why ChatterBoss?

  • We’re flexible. We work based on need, and project duration, so there’s no need to keep us on retainer or the added expense of another salary to payout.
  • We’re experienced. We’ve got a team of assistants with extensive personal and executive assistant backgrounds (from high net-worth individuals, c-suite executives, to A-list celebrities)
  • We’re digital. We work remotely, so there’s no need to provide expensive office space to us.

So, stop being busy, and get back to being productive. Reach out to your ChatterBoss assistant today, so we can help you get back on track to creating the next great startup success story.

Download ChatterBoss from the Apple App Store today.

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