Not all executive assistants are the same. That’s why at ChatterBoss, we have designed our services to solve problems for you, so you can get administrative support that is completely customized, truly flexible, and efficient.

Here’s how we do it:

1). Flexible Billing

You decide the level of help you need AND the number of hours you pay for. Do you have a lighter work week ahead?  Are you going on vacation? No need for surprise costs or extra charges. You are  in control of how much you pay. If you’re not sure how many hours you need, we discuss your goals and your budget as part of our onboarding process. Then based on your needs, we come up with a customized plan to ensure we stay within your budget.

2). The 2-Assistant Model

Life happens. What if your VA needs to take a sick day or goes on vacation? With ChatterBoss, there is no need to panic. You’ll be paired with a hand-picked assistant and a backup assistant to make sure your business still runs smoothly. Your back-up assistant is available alongside your dedicated assistant at all times. They are involved with your tasks behind the scenes.

3). Custom SOP Creation

Don't stress about creating long to do lists full of instructions for your new virtual assistant. At ChatterBoss our assistants write down your existing systems and create new ones. We use our custom process documents, providing you with easy-to-use systems that you can use for years to come.

ChatterBoss saves you time by taking care of admin work. We hand-pick expert executive assistants so you can focus on the parts of work you love.

Are you ready to end the overwhelm and create a customized plan? Schedule a consultation to get started.

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