Delegation is a vital component to a businesses or individuals ability to be more efficient with their time, and resources. Outsourcing tasks to a Virtual Assistant (VA) is a great first step towards creating those efficiencies — so we’ve compiled a list of useful ways to leverage a VA for whatever your needs might be:

You’re a Business.

Administrative Tasks: Have you ever sat back and thought to your self how much time in a given week you spend on updating budget sheets, sending out calendar invites, or organizing your email? Recent studies show that the average American worker spends roughly 40% of their work week buried in unproductive administrative tasks — that’s over 18 hours in a standard 45 hour work week.

Tip: Utilize a Virtual Assistant to help you with calendar management, expense reports, and issuing out all those meeting invites. Think about how much you could accomplish by getting those 18 hours a week back.

Staffing Needs: Staffing at any level is a huge undertaking. There’s the time spent posting a job listing, time spent checking in on different staffing websites for applicant responses, time spent reviewing candidates resumes, then screening them, interviewing them, and conducting reference checks on them. Exhausting just thinking about it.

Tip: Tap into a Virtual Assistant to manage the initial staffing process. They can manage everything through the posting and screening process, as well as the reference checks. You can then focus your time and efforts on the actual interviews.

Project Management: There’s a ton of more important things to focus on than updating a project timeline, inputting data into a worksheet, or reformatting a presentation deck. These things eat up a lot of time and brain power that could be better used elsewhere.

Tip: Leverage a Virtual Assistant to help with these tasks. Miscellaneous project management tasks are often pretty self explanatory that require little need for explanation or oversight — these items are perfect to delegate to a VA.

You’re an Individual.

Travel Planning: So you’ve settled on taking a family trip to Europe this summer — great! Well, great until you have to get into the finer details of planning out that trip. Shopping for flights, reading hotel reviews, planning excursions — that’s a full time job of its own.

Tip: Engage a Virtual Assistant to help with the details. VA’s can help you with the travel planning, and booking processes, and can also help with securing your accommodations for the trip such as restaurant recommendations and reservations.

Personal Shopping: You’re a busy individual. Perhaps juggling a career, family, and more, so it’s not always easy to find the time to run to a store for clothes, groceries, or miscellaneous items. When you're spread thin, it’s a perfect opportunity to start delegating.

Tip: Delegate your personal shopping needs to a Virtual Assistant. They can assist you by ordering and having groceries delivered to your home, managing miscellaneous online purchases, even help you with ordering the flowers you forgot for you and your spouses anniversary

There are tons of ways you can leverage the expertise of a Virtual Assistant — these are just a few to help you get started. Reach out to a ChatterBoss Virtual Assistant today to tailor a plan that best suits your needs.

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