Be Too Big To Fail: Growth In The Face of Adversity with Mayer Mizrachi

June 26, 2020


#COVID19 Special Coverage: On this episode we have Mayer Mizrachi, the co-founder of Criptext. Criptext launched in 2014 originally as an encryption extension for Gmail that enabled users to have more security. In 2015 during a trip to Colombia with friends, Mayer was arrested and served an Interpol Red Notice. He served 5 months in a Colombian prison, and is to date unable to travel outside of Panama. The government’s interference with Mayer and the company’s private data is what inspired the company to shift focus and create today’s version of CripText which is an open source, end to end encrypted email service. Since then, the company has expanded and reached 100,000 users, and just a few weeks ago launched their revenue model. The transparency of the CripText model has encouraged other competing services to release their code publicly. In this conversation Mayer talks about what makes him uniquely wired to endure trying situations, how building legos helps him think, managing remote teams … from prison, the role he sees himself playing within his organization, how he approaches goal setting for Criptext, and so much more. This episode is definitely worth a listen.

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