The Impact of a Major Shift: Discovering How To Adjust Your Creative Inspiration With Víctor Mahana

April 1, 2020


#COVID19 Special Coverage: Over the next few weeks, Entrepreneurial Minds has switched over to virtual interviews in order to learn how different businesses are adjusting to this unique time. Our first virtual guest is Víctor Mahana, a well-known Chilean painter. He’s had more than 67 exhibitions in Chile and around the world and at 34 years old, he was the youngest artist to have held an individual exhibition at the National Museum of Fine Arts of Chile! We dive into the current landscape for artists during the crisis, the power of mentorship, and art as a form of meditation (spoiler alert: one of his commissioned paintings is the only thing that helps his client fall asleep.) Join us as we discuss getting in touch with your creativity in a time of crisis and more.

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