What kind of services does ChatterBoss provide?

We're a team of skilled personal virtual assistants. Our assistants focus on supporting
entrepreneurs, business owners and busy individuals with pretty much any administrative task! All of
our assistants are executive assistants by profession and have dedicated their careers to supporting
leaders and their teams across a wide variety of tasks. Here are some examples of the services
your dedicated assistant team can support you with:


Business Services:

  • Project Management

  • Staffing and recruitment

  • Pitch deck/presentation help

  • Social media management

  • Calendar and Email management

  • Lead generation

  • Call monitoring

  • Custom research

  • Business travel planning and booking

  • And much more!

Personal Services:

  • Restaurant recommendations and reservations

  • Travel concierge

  • Personal shopping

  • Event planning

  • Scheduling and appointment bookings

How do I get started?

With your first purchased hour, you get a free productivity consultation of up to one hour so we can learn a bit more about you and your needs, and how we can help. During this session you will also get to know your dedicated assistant! We aspire to be a part of your team, someone you can count on for whatever comes up in your busy life.

For example, you may have a project that you want to get started on ASAP. We will take that hour to listen to your needs and create a game plan.

On the other hand, you may have a lot of tasks that are taking up your time, but you aren't sure how to hand them off or delegate them to others. We are here to help understand which areas a personal assistant can be useful to you and go from there! You'll have more time, in no time.

Is ChatterBoss a bot or AI?

No. We are 100% human assistants. Once you get paired to your dedicated assistant, you'll always continue chatting with that person.

When are assistants available?

ChatterBoss assistants have instant availability from 9AM (EST) to 5PM (EST) during the weekdays, and can coordinate weekend availability as needed. If you need wider availability, speak to your dedicated assistant so we can tailor a plan to meet your needs.

How do payments work?

ChatterBoss offers in-app purchases where you can choose from a single hour of time, or multiple-hour packages at a discounted rate. ChatterBoss also delivers daily detailed in-app time reports, tracked by the minute with timestamps, so you always know exactly where you stand.

Further discounted packages are available via subscriptions. Should you decide to use the subscription model, you will be billed on Monday of each week for the number of requested hours.

We partner with a third-party payment processor (e.g. Stripe, Inc.) to manage credit card transactions and do not have access to your credit card information or store that information. We also offer the option of paying through the use of Apple Pay. Any credit card authorization charges made in either the amount of $0 or $1 are immediately reversed. Authorizations are made to verify the validity of your credit card with your issuing bank and are not actual charges.

Is my personal information secure?

Absolutely. We consider all information related to your account as private as you do; and take extensive measures to ensure you're always protected. Our security measures include IP protections, screen capture monitoring software, and end-to-end encryption of information. Our team of assistants have all signed confidentiality contracts, and are trained in data security. 

Where is ChatterBoss located?

Our headquarters is located in New York, New York and our team of experienced assistants are located throughout the country.

Is something missing here?

Feel free send us a message via the Contact page, or email us directly at admin@chatterboss.com. We'll promptly reply to  any and all all ChatterBoss service inquiries. For app questions, issues or suggestions, send an email to support@chatterboss.com.