Amanda Scott

Amanda Scott

Automation & Process Specialist
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Hi, my name is Amanda! I love to come up with solutions for complex (or simple) processes and automate as much of it as possible. My hope is always to make your business more effective and free your time up for what really matters. I accomplish this by using tools like Zapier to connect different platforms via automations. In addition to automation, I can help you find the best software solutions for your needs. I will work to improve your systems from start to finish using a comprehensive approach.

First, I’ll make sure that you’re using the best software for what you need, ensure that your process is flowing effectively, then I’ll automate it as much as possible. All I need to know is how the process currently works, what you don’t like about it, and what you need the process to accomplish for you. When to consider automation:

  • When you have a task that has to be done repeatedly, on a schedule. (Such as sending a follow up message after a new lead comes in.)
  • When you need to move information between different apps on a regular basis.
  • When you have an easy task that is repetitive and time-consuming.

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