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Justine Martin

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Hello, I’m Justine! Being “Gen Z” means I grew up in the digital age, and, with that being said, I was inclined to be interested in everything related to Social Media. That’s probably what pushed me further into learning about Digital Marketing as a whole. Right after I graduated college in 2020, I found myself part of a month-long training, studying the ins, outs, and workarounds of all the basic Digital Marketing niches—you name it—Graphic Design, Social Media Marketing, Email Automation and Marketing, CRM, and Integrations, among others. Fast forward to today, and I have already had the chance to work for and with Canadian, English, Swiss, American, and Australian clients. Also, I have already expanded my niche to include Lead Generation, Webinar Launches, and Marketing. Finally, I pride myself on more than just my excellence, experience, and passion for believing in the power of communication; more importantly, I am proud of my work ethic, even in a virtual setting. My passion and willingness to learn in the face of ever-evolving digital and technological advances, and my resourcefulness even when in crisis.
  • Landing Pages
  • CRM
  • Social Media Lead Generation
  • Social Media Content Creation
  • Email Marketing
  • Email Automations
  • Website Integrations
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