Kasey Cromer

Kasey Cromer

Program Manager
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Content & Process, Training, and People

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Kasey grew up in Riviera Beach, Florida, and moved to Los Angeles to complete his undergraduate degree in Business Administration with a concentration in International business. As part of his undergraduate studies, Kasey lived in Aix-en-Provence, France for 10 months to complete his minor in French. Upon graduation, Kasey has spent 16+ years working at start-up companies in diverse industries such as legal, medical, and health & wellness. Kasey has successfully built programs in the areas of training, content management, employee performance & development. When Kasey transitioned to Atlanta, he spent 2 years developing the process improvement team for a growing online grocery delivery company. His team of agents worked closely with the engineering team to pilot technology solutions that benefited the shoppers, customers, and call center agents. Currently, Kasey supports a growing nonprofit client specializing in health & wellness and social justice. His nonprofit programs include training, client communication, and volunteer performance management. In 2022, Kasey launched his partnership with ChatterBoss. He shared his program management professional experience and best practices to support solopreneurs and rapidly growing businesses(e.g. cybersecurity, law firms, professional coaches, etc). Kasey has a passion for collaborating with creative entrepreneurs who are looking for the right people, technology, and process solutions to create a sustainable and thriving business.


  • Analysis & Design
  • Implementation Strategy
  • Evaluation & Improvement
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Version Control
  • Technology Solutioning
  • End-User Communication

New Process & Process Improvement

  • Business Processes Assessment
  • Change Management Planning
  • Implementation Strategy
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • End-User Communication


  • New Hire/Ongoing Training Curriculum Design
  • Shared Learning Strategy Development
  • Training Content Design and Development
  • Training Delivery
  • End-User training experience evaluation and improvement


  • Individual/Team Performance Coaching
  • Employee Professional Development
  • Schedule Adherence & Compliance
  • Individual Team Reporting & Analytics

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