Not all fractional executive assistants are the same. At ChatterBoss we like to think of our assistants as mini Chief Operating Officers helping you navigate the back office of your business.  We help take you out of the trenches and truly step into your role as the owner of your company.

After working with multiple entrepreneurs across of variety of industries these are the 5 characteristics to look for in a fractional executive assistant.

1. They are willing to push back. A good assistant is like the gatekeeper of your schedule, they will keep you from burying yourself in commitments and push back when you start to over-commit yourself.

2. They set up and manage systems. In order to scale your business you need a set of procedures and processes. Your EA will document and systematize these things, so you’re not always reinventing the wheel or spending time training new employees.

3. They know what’s on your plate. Your EA should know what you’re dealing with, what’s critical to your success, and what is detrimental. This allows them to keep you focused on the high-level, income-producing activities and decline or delegate the rest.

4. They respect your confidentiality. Your EA will have access to sensitive information. It’s critical that your EA is trustworthy and discrete.

5. They have great communication skills. Your EA will interact with everyone from vendors to potential clients. It’s important they have good communication skills to respond to and follow up with messages. 

Are you ready for an assistant? Book a complimentary call and we’d be happy to discuss your needs and where we can step in to help.

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