You have worked tirelessly day and night to build a startup. You recruited the best employees and attracted consumers with your distinct services/products. You are making profits and expanding your business yet something is missing. Somewhere down the line, your vision for the startup’s future became blurry and now, you are struggling to understand what the expansion of the business means.

So, what are you missing?


Core values are a set of beliefs adopted by businesses to make decisions that fit the needs of their consumers. When a startup establishes strong core values, they are able to show that they are confident in their goals, operations, and aspirations. 


  1. A startup can uniquely distinguish itself from the pool of other businesses in the same industry.
  2. Consumers can easily understand whether the services/products of the startup aligns with their needs.
  3. The values set forth by a startup will be reflected in the management’s decisions and policies.
  4. The hiring process and the behavior of employees will be guided by the values and help cultivate a niche culture in the workplace.

It is important to note that core values can be beneficial for a startup if they are properly implemented and they resonate with the target consumers.



Problem-solving is at the core of ChatterBoss because we are determined to solve our client’s problems with the most innovative solutions. ChatterBoss assistants are not just task doers; we are new members of your team who are constantly on the lookout for your company’s success. For ChatterBoss, the words “I don’t know how to do that” will never be the last. Our company’s interconnected nature allows assistants to reach out to one another in an effort to make the most of everyone’s strengths and experiences. If the problem cannot be solved within the pool of assistants, we will branch outside of our company to seek innovative solutions. ChatterBoss assistants are always thinking two steps ahead. We are focused on your long term goals, not simply the task at hand. We do our best to point out any inefficiencies in a plan and offer solutions that would alleviate possible pain points. ChatterBoss not only helps to keep track of your company’s workload, it also creates a unique opportunity for evolution alongside your company.


Transparency is essential for building trust, honesty, and accountability. We give clients a glimpse of what our company is all about, how our process works, and the work ethic of our employees. We believe in earning your trust by making sure you always have access to the full picture. For instance, we are meticulous in keeping onboarding documents up to date, focused on effective solutions, and helping businesses grow with character. Of course, your business is YOUR business. ChatterBoss understands that transparency is the bare minimum which is why you’ll never have to ask about the status of your work. All communication is explicit as to what is being done for the completion of a task and you will be billed the true amount for it. This transparency translates directly into the assistant-to-client relationship, which gives assistants confidence to own up when they make a mistake, acknowledge the potential harm done, and offer a new solution to the task. Of course, if you ever choose to walk away from ChatterBoss, you are free to do so at any time with no strings attached. Overall, transparency in our company allows ChatterBoss to build relationships with our clients and foster a positive experience. 


The care that comes with our services is what truly sets ChatterBoss apart. Whatever worries you, worries us. The dedicated executive assistant on your team will be compatible with your personality and business goals, so the working relationship will be both pleasant and productive. We have a calm and direct communication approach so everyone feels heard. At ChatterBoss, you’re so much more than a point on a to-do list.  We even keep track of events that are important to you and, if you are on a subscription plan, we will remind you to use all of your hours. 

As a whole, we’re more than what meets the eye and our clients agree. Our deeply rooted values are what set us apart from other virtual assistant platforms. At ChatterBoss, you are guaranteed a personal, honest, and professional approach.

Written by the Chatterboss interns:

Alexandra Grebenyuk

Jennifer Ng

Nujailah Noor

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