No matter how many tools or systems you have in place, things can still get missed. You can still get distracted or busy and miss deadlines.


At ChatterBoss, we have come up with a way to combat that. We’re experts in administration, which means we are always looking for ways to keep you productive and efficient as you work toward your goals.

One of our best tips? Have a buddy.

It seems simple, but having an extra set of eyes to catch tasks you miss plus having an added layer of accountability to keep you on task is a powerful tool to use your time more efficiently. As a team of veteran executive assistants, we count this as one of the most important parts of our job. Having an extra person means you can be accountable to someone else--which is often MORE motivating for your brain than only being held accountable to yourself.

Each one of our clients has a team to back them up, which means extra hands on deck to keep track of their to-do lists, extra eyes to proofread their work, and an extra person making sure they meet their deadlines.

That is why we brand ourselves as “more than just task doers.” We are partners in growing your business, and we’re invested and committed to your success.

Book a complimentary call and we’d be happy to discuss your needs and where we can step in to help.

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