Congratulations! You’ve just doubled your client load.


But you soon find out that you aren’t ready.

You’re onboarding each client individually. You’re spending hours of back-and-forth with each new client. You’re behind on billing. Every day you feel like you’re fighting fires. 

All of a sudden you have more work than you have hours in the week. Your availability disappears which means you can’t bring on any more new clients. Your work/life balance falls to the wayside.

This is the kind of growth every business entrepreneur wants but on the flipside it quickly leads to burnout.

The most common mistake when scaling your business is growing before you’ve created room to grow.

You have nothing in place that allows you to grow while safeguarding your sanity.

Not to worry! It’s one of the problems we solve here at ChatterBoss.

Hiring an assistant to automate your systems, delegate your daily tasks, and reduce your work hours is critical in creating room to scale up your business.

Your assistant not only takes over your administrative tasks, but also finds ways to automate and make these tasks less time consuming to begin with. This means  automated invoicing and reporting, delegated client communications, and effortless onboarding. This creates  more room for you to curate your dream client load.

Having a hard time after scaling your business? Book a complimentary call and get started with a real, U.S.-based assistant today.

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