Determining the right time to bring on an executive assistant can be hard. Often the instinct is to keep doing things yourself for as long as you can. Here are 5 dead giveaways to know you're ready for some help!

1). You’re Missing the Details

It’s normal to miss a semicolon or two, but when you’re starting to miss the details that really count, like invoices, deadlines or important follow up emails, it’s a sign that you’re rapidly approaching capacity. It’s important to hire help before you feel maxed out.

2). You Feel Tied Down, Not Empowered By Your Business

If you’re an entrepreneur, you’re a naturally creative person. You need space to experiment, grow and test out new ideas. If you feel like you’re running out of time to be creative because there’s simply too much to do, it’s time to find a great assistant to help. Having a trusted assistant take care of everything that’s tying you down means you get to work strictly in your wheelhouse. Your business will thank you and you can say bye-bye to burnout.

3). Prospective Clients Make You Feel Stressed, Not Excited

If you’re approached by an amazing new client, but all you can think about is the extra paperwork… it’s time to offload. After all, you didn't create a business because you love administrative tasks. Doing it all yourself takes time and energy away from your clients, the people who need you the most.

4). You Have Notification Fatigue

If the sound of an email notification makes you cringe, you may be in over your head. Hiring a fractional assistant to take care of your emails, scheduling, social media and automated systems frees up your time to focus on the things you truly enjoy.

5). You’re Making Big Changes

Are you ready to finally launch your business? Maybe your dream is to scale to six figures. Whatever your plans are, you can’t take that big leap on your own. Creating space for a remote assistant at the beginning is a critical step for faster growth. Trying to make big moves on your own is the quickest route to burnout city.

Do any of these sound like you? You may be overdue for a consultation. Book a meeting with our team today.

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