ChatterBoss Specialists

We're an extension of your team!

Kasey Cromer

Program Manager


Beth Weber

Web/Graphic design, Content Creation


Brittany Zeman

Dubsado Specialist / Client Experience / Tech


Corinne DiZoglio

Graphic Designer


Fabienne Knecht Seier

Web/Graphic Design, Digital Marketing, Automation


Jessica Johnson

Grant Writing / Proofreading / Blogging


Jessica Johnson

Web Design


Julius Saito

Creative Services Consultant


Kevin McClendon

Digital Marketing + Content Writing


Lee Hews

Copy Writer, Ghost Writer


Leigha Brisco

Project & Construction Management


Lisa Yost

Writing, Proofreading, Editing


Lynette Davis

Graphic Design, Photo Editing, Video Editing


Lynette Davis

Social Media


Shanda King

Website Design / Canva Design


Tatyana Kuznetsova

Art Direction, Branding and Graphic Design


Tia Roach

Social Media


Trip Lundy

Graphic Design


Win Homer

2D Animation, Graphic Design & Storyboarding


Jess Stroh



Patricia Gordon

QuickBooks Clean-Up Specialist


Amanda Scott

Automation & Process Specialist


Kristopher Goins

IT Security + Operations Management


Erin McMillin

Course Creation


Justine Martin

Digital Marketing


Nicole Areu

Ecommerce & Digital Marketing


Denisse Marie Lebron

Growth, Operations, Strategy


Kaye De Lara

HR & People Operations


Lee Hews

Property Management


Thanh Padgett

HR Services


Candis Jones

Digital Marketing Social Media


Jolee Giovanni

Spreadsheet Automations & Creative Design


Julia Kasid

Travel Advisor